Two Sonnets

Lapis and Lime

Colosseum, Sphinx and Acropolis,
Ancient wonders across the world are strewn,
Awe more in form and toil to shape than this;
Their bodies proud, from humble limestone hewn.
Teeming sediment of the fecund earth,
As am I, a plinth of unwrought lime,
My like the world has seen nothing of dearth,
Though I may achieve good with toil and time.

You, my muse, of a nature deep and bright
Of chalky lime in heat and pressure honed,
Until reborn as precious lazulite,
Whereas my stony core of dust and bone,
Finds its worth in that of which it is part –
You, my lapis, in yourself beauty are.


Though before me laid wise Socratic lore,
Or all the heritage of ancient Thrace,
Yet I confess that these riches did bore,
When gazing up I could glimpse your sweet face;
There radiates your joyous earnest heart,
Where flow facsimiles of Irish brooks
That in Dublin, Cork and Kilkenny are,
Whose streams do gleam behind your tawny looks.

Through opal and azure of sea and sky,
Life takes us on, though our hearts stay behind.
When it reaches its cold, bleak December,
Surely as now, I’ll always remember,
The Isle whose waters of Emerald hue,
That once looked upon bring me back to you.


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